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Commercial Lawn Maintenance Package

Join our maintenance program and we'll take care of everything!

Weekly mowing of the entire property includes stick edging, flat trimming, and blowing off all sidewalks and driveways. Blades sharpened daily.


Spring sprinkler system start-up and fall blowout.  Monitoring of irrigation system and making seasonal adjustments as temperature changes according to turf type.


Fertilization packages include spring pre-emergent post-emergent 2 summer feedings and fall winter feeding. Tailored depending on turf type.


Spot spraying weeds in flower beds and cracks and crevis. (as needed)


Tree and plant replacement  as needed or required. Landscape design and installation for future projects.

Why Choose Us?

100’s of references available specializingin in HOA communities, patio homes, apartment complexes, offices, medical parks, and churches.
Over 30 years of experience in the green industry.
Landscape designer
Certified irrigation  backflow / cross connection
Owner on the property every week so i will be your infield eyes and will report as i see things that need to be addressed.

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